Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Content Cathedral Welcomes Wizard Reading Formula Writers

Hi all!

I know I've been silent way too long. I've got myself back together and  I am working on scheduling a Writer's Hangout this month. Let me know if there is a date that you would prefer for this Hangout.

I am taking this great course filled with wonderful writers that have no way to talk to each other. So I thought I would provide them with a forum for meeting each other and us.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below.

For those who want to join Content Cathedral Hangouts, the Web Ring forum is https://groups.google.com/d/forum/contentcathedral. You'll get notification when the Hangouts are taking place, when someone posts to the blog, etc.

I am working on several projects related to John Granger's course, and I welcome you to look at the work or even comment and collaborate with the projects.

You can learn more about Granger's work at Hogwarts Professor.

  • My analysis of genre tropes and how Rowling and other authors bend these tropes for fantasy and mystery: Twisted Fantasy Genre.
  • My plot and ring composition analysis of Career of Evil.
Welcome to all of you that partake in this slow motion meeting.

Minutes of Hangout 1/13/17

Answered a Questions about Length of Various Types of Writing:

Type of Fiction

Flash Fiction
Short Story
YA Novel
Adult Novel

Huzzah to Debra for Self Publishing and Getting 6 Reviews: