Sunday, January 31, 2016

Story Developer #1: Capturing the Cosmos

Edited version is about 20 min long. Feel free to make comments, ask questions, or share your brainstorming results below.

Writing Open the Mind by Andy Couturier

Burn Wild by Christi Krug

Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

Get Evernote
Get Scrivener

Write or Die Program

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  1. Great blog.

    I played with all the links. I went to Goodreads and selected the books here as 'want to read'. Then took advantage of letting Goodreads have the list of books I've bought off Amazon and rated those.

    Write or Die. It was very interesting, I don't know that I can write that well feeling pressure to write or suffer the consequences. I did try it out for five minutes. If I paused to long the page turned red, though I thought I met my quota I still heard the alarms and sirens go off.

    I already have Scrivener, so downloaded Evernote and played with it.

    Thanks for all the great links.


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